John-John is a soulful singer/songwriter born and raised in los angeles.


 Since an early age music has been a major part of his life. Whether it be the Beatles, Motown, Classical, Jazz, or Rock, music was always there for him. At the age of 6 John began to learn the piano, age 8 started to sing and age 10 learn the guitar. John began taking lessons from renowned jazz guitarist John Pisano. He quickly grew a love for playing both the piano and guitar. As he continued to develop his style of singing he began to fall in love with styles and sounds of Motown singers.  John began writing original music when he was 14, inspired by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and John Legend. He met Grammy award winning Producer Erich Talaba when he was 15 and began working with him. John has also worked in the studio with violinist Sean Mackin, from the band Yellowcard.  Now 16, John-John continues to push his sound to new heights.